Pilot transit project to deploy new technologies and improve rider experience

Three Fredericton Transit buses will pilot new technology this summer to provide customers with wi-fi and to help staff better understand how riders use the transit system.

Starting this month, two cameras and wi-fi will be installed on each of the three busses. The technology will detect passenger boardings, provide an overview of repeat vs. new riders and log the travel routes of customers without recording or revealing their identities. Signage on each bus will indicate the use of cameras.

“This new technology will improve customer experience,” said Councillor Kevin Darrah, Chair of the City’s Transportation Committee. “It will also provide a better understanding of the needs of our ridership so that we can provide the best possible service.”

The project will run until December. In January, staff will review its outcomes evaluating:

  • picture quality and usefulness;
  • data collection capability;
  • complexity and ease of data analytics;
  • customer feedback; and
  • technical reliability.

The joint project between Fredericton Transit and the City’s Finance, Innovation & Technology Department is part of the implementation of the Fredericton Transit Strategic Plan and Digital Fredericton. Opportunities from the testing will open doors to new transit services such as improved real-time service notifications for onboard passengers.