Public Safety & Environment Committee Approves Priority Initiatives

July 25, 2016 - The Public Safety & Environment Committee has approved six priority initiatives to guide its efforts for the coming year. Approved at the committee meeting on July 12, the priorities have a variety of objectives.

“We wanted to put a new system in place to help focus our work within the context of our broader planning initiatives here at the City,” said Coun. Stephen Chase, Chair of the Public Safety & Environment Committee. “Identifying these priority initiatives and their specific objectives puts a system in place whereby we are able to better structure our committee and measure its progress more effectively moving forward.”

The six priority initiatives and their objectives include:

1. Traffic Safety Improvement Strategy (including speed reduction)


a. To significantly improve public compliance with the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act in Fredericton.

b. To reduce accident and personal injury due to motor vehicle infractions in the city.

2. Multi-Unit Building Recycling


a. To facilitate and improve opportunities for residents of multi-unit residential buildings to recycle eligible materials.

b. To increase the diversion of recyclable materials in Fredericton

3. Compost Collection Options


a. To review opportunities and options to collect and utilize residential compostable material

4. Renewable Energy Strategy


a. To drive the Renewable Energy Strategy process and implement renewable energy opportunities in city owned facilities.

b. Seek public/private sector partners and funding to enable Fredericton to become a leader in the municipal renewable energy sector.

c. To encourage civic and commercial uptake in renewable energy opportunities through community and stakeholder engagement.

5. Team Building at Fredericton Police Force and Fredericton Fire Department


a. To strengthen and support good working relationships between management and staff in police operations

b. To strengthen and support good working relationships between management and staff in fire operations

6. Panhandling in Downtown (and elsewhere in city)


a. To reduce panhandling in Fredericton.

The Public Safety & Environment Committee monitors and supports programs related to public safety and the environment, dealing with crime and fire prevention services, building code enforcement, planning and delivery of water, sewer, sanitation and pollution control services, as well as the planning and delivery of operational police and fire services. The committee will be providing periodic updates on the status of the priority initiatives over the next two years.