Public Workshops Seek Feedback on Odell & Killarney Park Improvement Plans

The City of Fredericton is seeking input from residents at two separate public open houses to discuss the future of both Odell Park and Killarney Lake Park.  The City, along with consulting firms, The Planning Partnership & Trace Planning and Design, has begun working on Park Improvement Plans to maximize the recreational and leisure value for both recreational spaces.

The public is invited to attend one, or both, of following two open houses:

  • Wednesday, June 28, 2017 from  5 -9 pm at the Capital Winter Club, 232 Rookwood Ave
  • Thursday, June 29, 2017 from 5 – 9 pm at Willie O’Ree Place, 605 Cliffe Street

Both evening sessions will discuss current use of the parks, and how the public envisions future park uses and activities.  The consultant, Trace Planning and Design, will also be on hand to facilitate conversations on the project, park history, and information gathered from the City’s ongoing park survey online.

When complete, the plan will propose a series of evolutionary projects that will ensure the relevance and sustainability of these beloved recreational spaces.  These public workshops will serve as a guiding vision for the overall planning exercise regarding the best possible future uses of these important City assets.

The City looks forward to exploring your thoughts at these important sessions. For more information on the park planning process, and to access the online survey visit

About the Parks

Odell Park is one of Fredericton’s most significant parks on Fredericton’s south side.  The park totals 135 hectares of mostly forested land, but also includes a caretakers home, Odell Lodge, ball field, trails and parking access, picnic areas and passive parkland.  The park is host to a diverse ecosystem of flora and fauna, including one of the few remaining old growth forests in North America.  The Odell Park Improvement Plan must balance these sensitivities with public input from citizens and park users and provide recommendations on appropriate land use activities as the park and its user groups evolve.

Killarney Lake Park is a 762 hectare park on the City’s north side and is a major recreation asset generally bordered by St Mary’s Street, Canada Street and Two Nations Crossing. The park hosts a mix of active and passive recreation activities and is one of the most heavily used parks in Fredericton due to the lake and beach, the Killarney Lake Park Rotary Centennial Lodge and an expansive four season trail system.  The Killarney Lake Park Improvement Plan will address future uses within the park, balancing the quantity of active and passive use, while considering new investments in trail infrastructure.