Queen Square Pool Reopens Thursday After Quicker Than Expected Repair Work

Just in time for the August long weekend, some good news. The City of Fredericton has announced that the Queen Square outdoor pool will open earlier than expected following significant repair work to stop water leakage from the pool.

The pool will open Thursday at 10:00am for swimming lessons and at noon for lap swimming.

“It’s great news. We expected to be closed for the summer and now we’re able to open with lots of time left for residents to enjoy the Queen Square Pool. A big thanks to our City staff and contractors for getting the work done faster than expected,” said Councillor Henri Mallet, chair of the City’s Community Services Committee. “We knew how important the pool was the community and the City worked as quickly as possible to get it back on line.”

The Queen Square pool was shut down for the summer in early July after a leak was discovered in the pool’s piping system under the cement pool deck.  Where the water was coming from precisely was a mystery and the City’s Building Services division said excavation was necessary to determine the specific location of the of the leak.

Good sleuth work determined where the leak was most probably and an excavation of that specific area revealed not just one, but three separate leaks. Repair work and testing was done to determine if water levels and temperatures would remain steady, then the cement was reinstated this past week.

“It’s nice to be able to put the service back on line faster than we expected,” said Scott Brown, Manager of the City’s Building Services Division. “We’re happy to see the citizens get their pool back.”