Queen Street Loading Zone Pilot Project Planned

The City of Fredericton will soon begin a loading zone pilot project along Queen Street.  The project will explore potential modifications to existing loading zones in the downtown, and the addition of new loading zones, all in an effort to better the access to merchandise and products for downtown business, while improving predictable traffic flow and safety along the street.

With the help of consultants from Stantec, the City conducted significant consultation with stakeholders to better understand the needs of various types of businesses (office, retail, restaurant, etc...) and the various types of shipping companies (couriers, food and beverage deliveries, money trucks, etc...).  Feedback from these sessions informed the development of a plan to better accommodate improved vehicle loading and unloading that supports the continued success of a vibrant downtown community.

The Pilot Project includes:

  • Clarification and implementation of loading zone hours limited to Monday to Friday from 6am – 5pm, that will allow loading zones to be utilized as standard parking stalls for downtown patrons in the evenings and during weekends, increasing on-street parking supply during those times.
  • Proposed new wording for loading zone regulations that seek to mitigate unlawful use of loading zones by commercial vehicles that are not actively loading or unloading.  The proposed regulations seek to ensure loading zones are more readily available for delivery purposes.
  • Introduction of Flex Loading Zones to increase loading zone supply and better enable the accommodation of larger loading vehicles during peak delivery times. Where established, these flex zones will be in effect as a loading zone from 6am – 10:30am, Monday to Friday inclusive. The spaces will revert to regular parking stalls during other time periods.
  • New Loading Zone Area along Queen Street where additional loading space is not anticipated to significantly impact either traffic flow, or citizen access to downtown business.  These new loading zones will be in effect from 6am – 4pm, Monday to Friday inclusive in order to keep all lanes of traffic open during peak afternoon traffic periods.

In total, four parking stalls along the length of Queen Street will be removed to create additional loading space, however, additional parking will be created during evening and weekend hours by permitting parking in loading zones after 5pm. Flex zones will temporarily reduce on-street parking supply, during morning hours only, in order to increase loading space during this peak period for deliveries.  Morning hours typically have lower parking demand so this change is not anticipated to negatively impact the availability of parking on Queen Street.

The first two pilot initiatives, changes to loading zone hours and loading zone regulations, will become effective immediately upon adoption of the By-law amendments.  Introduction of Flex Loading Zones and New Loading Zone Areas are proposed to come into effect in April 2019.  It is intended that staff will review the results of the pilot and report back to Transportation Committee in late 2019. Staff plan to undertake a public education campaign to further inform the public of changes to loading zones in the coming months.

For more information visit the City’s website at www.fredericton.ca and search “Queen Street Loading Zone Pilot”, or contact Service Fredericton at 506-460-2020 or service@fredericton.ca.