Reduced parking this weekend at the York Street Carpark

As parking lot improvements wrap up, there will be reduced parking this weekend in the York Street Carpark. The reduction will begin Friday morning, August 23, 2019 and last until Monday morning, August 26, 2019. 

The area behind City Hall and the Justice Building will be closed to the public entirely, while the lot is cleaned and new parking lines are installed.  The parking area behind the Armouries will remain open; a laneway for traffic will always be maintained.

The improvements to the parking lot are in preparation for the construction of the new City of Fredericton All-Wheel Sports Plaza in the parking lot area behind the Armouries.  Site preparation for the new sports plaza will begin later this fall.

The reconfigured parking lot will replace all lost parking spaces resulting from the construction of the All-Wheel Sports Plaza.  In fact, there will be ten new parking spaces overall.  The design will also improve traffic flow in the parking lot.