Staff complete follow-up into taxi complaint

Statement from Fredericton Mayor Mike O’Brien

Staff from the City’s by-law enforcement division have completed their follow up into a recent complaint about a taxi driver refusing to take someone to the north side of the city.

The driver was charged $125 under the bylaw for use of inappropriate language.  Since the driver ultimately provided the service to the north side, no fine was made for denying the transportation of a fare.

During the follow up, discussions were also held with the owners of the local taxi companies. They indicated their understanding of the bylaw and were directed to remind their drivers of the details.

The City intends to continue ongoing contact with local taxi companies to ensure that compliance is being maintained, and to talk about taxi service in general.

Residents are reminded that they can find out more about the City’s taxi bylaw and/or make a complaint, by visiting the City’s website and searching for “taxi regulations”.

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“I want to thank all parties for their cooperation,” said Mayor Mike O’Brien.  “Things can get pretty busy downtown late at night, so I encourage all parties to plan ahead accordingly.”