Statement from Fredericton Mayor re: DEC Decision to Build Two New Schools

Schools are critically important pieces of community infrastructure and the City of Fredericton takes great interest in the decision of the Anglophone West District Education Council to close four neighbourhood schools and build two larger schools in the community.

These are important decisions and the City expects to be consulted as the conversation evolves. 

Fredericton is growing.  The City has recently adopted a new growth strategy which directs future residential growth.  Decisions about schools need to be aligned with land use planning decisions to ensure the best use of limited tax dollars.  Schools are one of the most important neighbourhood building blocks and many people choose where they want to live in relation to the availability of good schools.  Schools also are used by the community for far more than education.  Their gyms, playgrounds, fields, classrooms, and libraries also play a key role in making our communities healthy.

We look forward to engaging the District Education Council and the Government of New Brunswick in discussions about these important investments.

--Mayor Mike O’Brien, City of Fredericton