Three-way partnership formed for 2018 ANBL Safe Ride Program

Getting home safely from Harvest is now easier than ever with our pre-and post-show-free bussing options on both sides of the river as part of the Free ANBL Safe Ride Program.

For the 2018 Festival, a three-way partnership between the City of Fredericton, Alcool NB Liquor (ANBL), and the 2018 Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival Committee, anyone in the City of Fredericton will have a free shuttle service by the City of Fredericton Transit system.

The “Free ANBL Safe Ride” runs Thursday, September 13th to Saturday, September 15th during the Festival, with stops at all regularly serviced City Transit bus stops on both sides of the river from 5:00pm to 11:00pm. The buses will bring Festival-goers downtown, right at the heart of the Festival grounds, as well as bring them home safely at the end of the night. From 11:00pm to 3:00am, the City Transit system will have three buses running select return routes to deliver patrons home safely. Two buses will cover Fredericton's Southside, with one bus covering the Northside of Fredericton. 

​"This is ​​another example of Government and ​the​ corporate sector stepping up to support Harvest​, we are thrilled and excited to be able to offer more options to our patrons for a safe​r​ ride home,” said 2018 Harvest Chair, Kerry Wells. “Whether you are travelling up town or to the Northside, this expanded service will alleviate the question of‘how will I get home at the end of the night?’, allowing our patrons to come downtown and enjoy a drink, if they choose, ​without worry, ​​but ​also our hard working volunteers who want to help us be a greener festival.

The City of Fredericton Transit Division operates 28 buses on twelve routes, running Monday to Saturday, from 6:15 am until 11:00 pm (except on holidays). Festival goers will be able to easily catch a bus at King’s place.  The focus of Fredericton’s transit service is safe, reliable, and convenient transit for all residents.

“This a great community partnership, making use of an our existing Fredericton Transit system to transport festival goers around the City,” said Fredericton Mayor Mike O’Brien.  “I am truly excited that Fredericton is the first city to become a partner with the Free ANBL Safe Ride Program as part of a major festival.”

“ANBL is very excited to be part of this unique partnership and to be the sponsor of the Free Safe Ride program,” said Brian Harriman President & CEO of ANBL. “We all have a role to play in eliminating impaired driving. The Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival organizing committee, the City of Fredericton understands this very well, which is why we are offering the Free Safe Ride Program. Smart and responsible use of alcohol is something we all have a role to play in.”

The Free ANBL Safe Ride program will continue to provide a dedicated shuttle service to most major Fredericton hotels every hour with Trius buses from Thursday to Saturday of the Festival.

Download Fredericton's City Transit schedule at:

You can also download ReadyPass, the free mobile app that provides real-time bus tracking and routing with easy to use features!

For more information on the ANBL Safe Ride program, please visit our website at: