Transit Strategic Plan Update and Survey Results Released

As part of the Fredericton Transit Strategic Plan process,  a review of Fredericton’s current transit system as well as survey results and next steps have been presented to members of the City’s Transportation Committee.  The Strategic Plan, prepared by Stantec, aims to translate transit investments into increased ridership by providing a strategic direction for transit over the next ten years.

“A truly successful Transit system is one that works with the community as a whole, and helps to improve the quality of life in a city for both riders and non-riders alike,” said Sasha Pejcic, with Stantec.  “Our goal with this project is create a Transit Plan that works for Fredericton.”

Available on the City’s website at, the update provides an overview of the City’s current transit system, findings based on public engagement and stakeholder meetings held in January, and the results of an online survey.

Summary of key points and findings:

  • 2, 312 completed surveys; approximately 50% non-riders
  • 57% of users are satisfied or extremely satisfied with Fredericton Transit service quality
  • 60% of users are in favour of Sunday service
  • 76% of non-users are either likely or very likely to use transit services if there were more transit routes or greater bus frequency.

“We’re aware of our responsibilities to riders and non-riding taxpayers, in developing this Strategic Plan for Fredericton Transit,” said Councillor Henri Mallet, Chair of the City’s Transportation Committee.  “We’re encouraged by the public engagement seen so far in the project, and are inspired to continue to work on creating a more affordable and accessible transit system for our users.”

Based on the input received and a strategic review of the public feedback, a Strategic Plan for Fredericton Transit will be prepared, with an estimated end of April 2018 completion date.

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About Fredericton Transit

Fredericton Transit provides an expansive public transit network for people living in the urban and suburban areas of the City of Fredericton. Fredericton Transit carried nearly 1.4 million passengers in 2016, and operates 10 all-day service routes, and 2 routes operating exclusively to support peak-hour demand. Transfers between routes can be made at several key destinations in the City, including the Corbett Centre, Regent Mall and Kings Place. Fredericton Transit services other major destinations in the City including UNB, STU, and the Regent Mall. A Para Transit program consisting of 2 buses, along with a fleet of 28 low-floor buses, make public transit a feasible travel option for many.