Viewing platforms on the Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge to Remain Closed Indefinitely

The City of Fredericton Engineering & Operations Department advises the public that the viewing platforms on the Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge, closed temporarily on July 21 as a safety precaution, will remain closed indefinitely.

The decision comes following a structural review, which concluded that for safety reasons all three viewing platforms, which are cantilevered off the main bridge, should remain closed until they are either replaced or repaired.  The presence of rot in the deck boards and railings is believed to have greatly reduced the platforms’ ability to carry the weight they were originally designed for. 

The City will consider what to do with the viewing platforms as part of the repair work planned for the bridge over the next couple of years.  In the meantime, barriers remain in place and residents are asked to stay off the viewing platforms.

Please note that these conclusions and recommendations are specific to the viewing platforms, and that the walking deck of the bridge continues to be safe for use by the public.

The City of Fredericton thanks bridge users for their patience and cooperation.