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Coldest Night

The importance of supporting the Coldest Night of the Year

When the call came to support a local fundraiser, the Fredericton Police Force was more than happy to take part. The Coldest Night of the Year is an annual fundraiser and walk that is organized in 135 locations across Canada. This year’s event took place on Feb. 23.

“The Coldest Night of the Year Fredericton not only raises funds for two local organizations, it encourages the community to come together to raise awareness,” says Monique Harquail, Youth at Risk and Mental Health Coordinator for the Fredericton Police Force. “It is a night to come together with a message that everyone in our community is important and we care.”

The walk raises money for charities serving youth, families and individuals that are in need in the community and raises awareness of the issues of homelessness, hunger and people who are hurting.  Funds raised in Fredericton support Youth in Transition and the John Howard Society of Fredericton.

The Fredericton Police Force raised the third most funds for this year’s event at $2075 exceeding fundraising goals. Fredericton’s event exceeded the goal of $20,000 for the first time since the event began.

“It is important to support social programs to help individuals and families in need of supports and services,” says Harquail. “We need to do our part as members of the greater community of Fredericton."

She says she was proud of how the team exceeded their fundraising target.

“When Julie and I first started our team, we were not sure what to expect since this is the first year that the Fredericton Police Force has participated in the Coldest Night of the Year Campaign,” says Harquail.  “We have had such a positive response from our members, friends and family. Everyone that we spoke to about the Coldest Night of the Year thought it was great that we had a team participating and raising money.  I was proud that our team had lots of fun getting our members to participate and of what we accomplished. We are exploring the idea of making this an annual fundraiser.”

Julie Meyer, Crisis Intervention Coordinator with the Fredericton Police Force, agrees.

“It’s important to talk about the issues we see in our communities and to help whenever we can,” says Meyer. "This will be my 3rd year participating in the Coldest Night of the Year and the first time the Fredericton Police Force has organized a team. Each year the event grows and the funds go towards providing  shelter, support and services to people directly in our community. Even though it is a National event, the funds raised here support local organizations so we can see the positive impacts of the event and the funds right here in Fredericton.”