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The story of why a Fredericton couple became school crossing guards

For Brian Smith and Louise McSheffrey, there are few better things to do in retirement than to help kids get to school safely.

“When you do it once, you're hooked,” says McSheffrey. “Because these children who are absolutely amazing.” 

The Fredericton Police Force (FPF) is looking for people to join the FPF Crossing Guard Program to help fill our need for crossing guards in locations across Fredericton. Permanent and casual positions are available.

This Fredericton couple have been crossing guards for five years.

“What better way to start your day, than to have a little kid run up to you, arms open, and giving you a big hug,” says McSheffrey. 

The retired executive director for a provincial association of professionals works the crosswalk at Maple Street and MacDonald Avenue to Park Street School.

“I have yet to encounter one rude child,” says McSheffrey. 

Smith, who spent 20 years working with the provincial government and works the Smythe Street crosswalk to Connaught Street School, agrees.

 “The kids are all amazing,” he says.  

McSheffrey and Smith own and operate Brunswick Hot Tub when they are not working as crossing guards.

“We had friends in the program and we were looking for something to do,” Smith says. “We thought this would be a good way for us to spend some time, with a good cause.”

This crossing guard position only requires up to 3 hrs per day and pays minimum wage.

Crossing guards work one hour in the morning and two hours in the afternoon.

“I think the split day is one of the positives for somebody thinking about being a crossing guard,” says McSheffrey. “If you are retired, it’s very easy to fall into a habit of not going out.  Being a school crossing guard gets you out of the house, provides a bit of exercise, and gets you around people.”

Smith and McSheffrey both agree.

 "The kids make the job worthwhile!"

Applications to be a crossing guard can may be made in person at 311 Queen Street or by calling: Fredericton Police Force at 460-2300.

Learn more about the FPF Crossing Guard Program by clicking here