Back-in parking is safer for everyone

In an effort to reduce vehicle collisions and improve neighbourhood safety, the Fredericton Police Force in collaboration with the City of Fredericton’s engineering division, are recommending that residents back into driveways and parking spaces at residential areas like condos, row houses, etc.

According to traffic data collected by the City of Fredericton, backing out into traffic is one of the leading causes of collisions in residential areas, representing approximately 30% of all residential collisions in Fredericton. 

Backing into a driveway or parking space and driving out provides a wider field of vision.  It allows the driver to better see oncoming vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists.  This is especially important during the winter months when there can be snowbanks obstructing the driver’s view.

“Back-in; drive out. It’s that simple,” said Inspector Kim Quartermain with the Fredericton Police Force.  “The benefits far outweigh the extra bit of time it might take to back into your driveway or parking space.”

When backing into a driveway or parking space, it is important to slow down by the side of the road, using your blinker to signal which way you will be backing up.  Before putting your vehicle into reverse, look ahead, check your rear view mirror and back up camera, and do a rear shoulder check for traffic, pedestrians, and cyclists.  Let ongoing traffic pass by before backing up.    

“Newer vehicles have sensors, cameras and alarms to help vehicles back up,” said Jon Lewis, traffic engineer for the City of Fredericton.  “They are extremely valuable when backing into a driveway or parking space where the obstacles are minimal, but for safety reasons we still recommend motorists drive out into the roadway if at all possible.”