Bicycling Safety and Enforcement

The Fredericton Police Force’s main objective is to keep the roads and streets safe for all. To raise awareness of the importance of sharing the road, the City of Fredericton and the Fredericton Police Force partnered together earlier this summer to create Cycling in Fredericton, an informational brochure on bicycling safety. 

During the past months the Fredericton Police Force conducted an educational phase prior to moving forward with the enforcement stage.

The educational phase consisted of distributing the informational brochures, and police officers stopping to talk to cyclists in the downtown core.

Warnings were issued to cyclists who violated the helmet law and were traveling on the sidewalks.

On the completion of the educational phase, as planned, the enforcement phase will begin on August 21, 2017.

In this respect, Fredericton Police Force officers will begin issuing prosecution tickets to cyclists who violate of the law. In New Brunswick, all cyclists must obey all the rules of the road under the Motor Vehicle Act. Police officers will focus on the enforcement of helmet law and cyclists traveling on the road.

About half of all head related injuries in Canada are bicycle related. Half of all bicycle related head injuries in Canada occur in June, July and August.

Sidewalks and crosswalks are designed and meant for pedestrians. Roadways are meant for motor vehicles and bicycles.

It is important to remember that drivers need to watch for cyclists, and cyclists need to watch for cars to avoid collisions.

The Cycling in Fredericton brochures are available at City Hall, Tourism Fredericton’s Visitor Information Centres, the Fredericton Police Force station and their community offices.