Criminal Organizations in Fredericton

The Fredericton Police Force is well-positioned to deal with the varying degrees of criminal activity in the city and to work collaboratively with multiple police agencies in New Brunswick and across Canada to monitor and disrupt outlaw motorcycle gangs’ criminal activity.

“We want our citizens to be safe and vigilant”, said Chief Leanne Fitch. “Our officers and other law enforcement agencies are aware, and have been aware for an extended period of time, of the presence of outlaw motorcycle gangs and their affiliates in Fredericton and across New Brunswick. All criminal activity is being, and will be, monitored to ensure public safety.”

Unfortunately, outlaw motorcycle gangs are present in New Brunswick and are gaining visibility in many towns across the province, including Fredericton.

“This is not a new phenomenon. The increased visibility and activity around the city and the province continually has and will have our attention. It is important for the public to know that this increased visibility is a distraction and intimidation tactic. Most of the criminal activity happens behind the scene.”

Since outlaw motorcycle gangs are not restricted by provincial or municipal jurisdictions, the Fredericton Police Force is dedicated to work in collaboration with multi-jurisdictional and cross border law enforcement partners and the community to strategically address criminality in the city.

“When dealing with organized crime, you have to have an organized response, said Chief Fitch. Much of the impact of organized crime is felt in the criminal world; however any and all organized crime is detrimental to our communities.”

The Fredericton Police Force is always interested in any activity that potentially threatens public safety. As always, we encourage members of the public to report any suspicious or illegal activities directly to police agencies in their jurisdiction or anonymously through Crime Stoppers.