Cycling in Fredericton Brochure Launch

In a joint effort, the Fredericton Police Force and the City of Fredericton launches a Cycling in Fredericton brochure to raise awareness and promote safe cycling on city streets. The City of Fredericton currently has 45 km of bike lanes and 39 km of bike routes.

In order for roads and streets to be safe for all users, it is important that motorists and cyclists be on the lookout for each other and for pedestrians. The provincial cycling safety campaign We’re all traffic states that cyclists and motorists have a responsibility to travel safely and share the road.

As of June 1, 2017, cyclists and motorists have to follow the one-metre rule, known as Ellen’s Law. Under this law, the motorist shall not pass a cyclist traveling in the same direction as the motorist, unless there is sufficient space to do so safely, and must make sure they leave at least one-metre (three feet) of open space between the motor vehicle and the bicycle. Failure to do so carries a penalty of a $172.50 fine and three demerit points under the Motor Vehicle Act.

Other precautions for both motorists and cyclists include:

To be safe, all cyclists are legally required to wear a helmet.

To be visible, especially at night, cyclists must have a headlight and red rear reflector.

To be courteous, cyclists should signal with a bell, horn or other auditory device when passing another cyclist or a pedestrian.

To share the road safely, motorists must abide by all rules of the road under the Motor Vehicle Act and slow down when necessary.

“It is clear that our active transportation network is used extensively, especially during the summer months,” said Councillor Stephen Chase, Chair of the City’s Public Safety and Environment Committee. “The Cycling in Fredericton brochure aims to help current cycling enthusiasts to feel more confident on the road and perhaps motivate others to choose alternate modes of transportation. Cycling is a great way to improve your health, decrease your carbon footprint and help reduce traffic congestion.”

“Keeping the road safe for everyone is our main objective,” said Inspector Kim Quartermain from the Fredericton Police Force. “All vehicles and cyclists must obey the rules of the Motor Vehicle Act. This brochure raises awareness of the importance of sharing the road.”

The Cycling in Fredericton brochures will be distributed at local sports establishments and are available at City Hall, the Fredericton Police Force Station and their community offices, and Tourism Fredericton’s Visitor Information Centres.