Fredericton Police Force Kids and Kops Camp

The Fredericton Police Force’s Neighbourhood Action Team is once again proud to announce that it has partnered with local community groups in organizing the 9th annual Kids and Kops junior police academy summer camp from July 17 to July 21, 2017.

The event is a one week camp for 12 children ages 10-12 years old. The camp has been developed and organized by the Fredericton Police Force Neighborhood Action Team and is meant to provide an opportunity for local children to enjoy summer camp activities. The week will begin with the children being sworn in as Junior Police Officers by Deputy Police Chief Martin Gaudet.

Over the past nine years dozens of children have attended the camp which involves a significant number of Fredericton police officers volunteering their time and efforts to help make the camp become a reality.  

The theme of the camp is a junior Police Academy combined with solving a mystery crime scenario. With both educational and entertainment activities it allows our officers to interact and build positive relationships with young children in our diverse community.

Each of the participating children will receive a Fredericton Police Force Kids & Kops Hat’s as well as an individualized Kids and Kops T-Shirts.

The educational aspect will introduce the children to the world of specialized police work including crime scene analysis, the police service dog, and an emergency response driving course.

The entertainment activities will include movies, bowling and a water park adventure, with the highlight of the week being a city-wide Amazing Race Day. The Amazing Race Day will see the children partnered with officers and divided into teams that will scour the city looking for clues to solve the mystery crime. The Amazing Race Day will culminate in the scenario arrest of the perpetrator, AKA “The Joker”, at the Hartt Island Campground in Silverwood.

At the end of the week a graduation ceremony will be held at the Grant-Harvey Center where the children, accompanied by their friends and families, will be presented with a graduation certificate, and a Kids and Kops replica police badge.

Our community partners include the Multicultural Association of Fredericton, Chief Harold Sappier Memorial School, St Mary’s First Nation, Big Brothers and Big Sisters and the Fredericton Boys and Girls Club.

The Fredericton Police Force does not select the participants, however each of our community partners choose the children from their own membership based on need and eligibility.

This year in addition to the local children there will be several Syrian refugee children joining the camp as participants selected by the Multicultural Association of Fredericton.