Setting the Record Straight –Statement Chief Fitch on Armoured Rescue Vehicle

There has been lots of chatter over the past couple of days, about the Police Force’s intention to acquire a light-armoured vehicle. For our purposes, it will be known as an Armoured Rescue Vehicle (ARV).

Some of the  capital budget request presentation on the proposed equipment was held in closed session, with council, so as not to reveal current operational limitations with the existing outdated vehicle. We fully expect to provide a more detailed public discussion about that in the future, once the vehicle has been replaced. Withholding some specific information at this time is to preserve both officer and public safety.

The equipment replacement is part of capital evergreening and equipment improvement processes.

So, what can we tell you about our proposed new vehicle?

 Please think of it more like a security vehicle. It will only have four wheels, but will have all-wheel drive capacity for better year-round functionality that is better suited to our changing seasons and for both urban and rural use. Our current vehicle doesn’t have all wheel capacity.

The vehicle won’t be green, grey or camouflaged colour. The ARV is painted factory black but we will be paining the doors white and applying our Police crest, which will match the Police Fleet’s current colour scheme.  The current truck is all white with Black decals.

 This new equipment will have significant light-armour improvement, which will provide for greater citizen and police safety when needed. The Fredericton Police Force is currently one of only three fully operational Emergency Response Teams (ERT) in the province, which serves the City of Fredericton, and other New Brunswick jurisdictions on an as-needed basis.

The use and deployment of the current ERT vehicle is covered by Standard Operating Procedures, and a deployment mandate, both of which will be the same with the new vehicle.

Once the old ERT Truck is replaced and  a new vehicle is purchased, we will be able to talk more about both vehicles and their respective functionality. 

The Fredericton Police Force remains a community-based police organization and we value our relationship with the citizens that we service. The replacement of our old ERT truck with a new and improved model is no way, shape or form, a signal that our core values and dedication to crime prevention and community policing has changed.  We remain fully committed to contemporary community policing, partnerships and crime and harm prevention. This is but another tool in our toolkit to help our citizens in the safest possible way.