Statement Concerning Medical Marijuana Facilities

The Fredericton Police Force has been aware of one medical marijuana facility operating in the city since May 2016. Over the past few months, drug officers have opened a file, and been following up. They have confirmed through Health Canada that there are currently only 35 licensed producers for medical purposes authorized across the country, and that New Brunswick has only one authorized dispensary, located in Moncton.
Police have spoken the owners of the facility in Fredericton, and have confirmed that they currently hold a Licence to Produce and Possess Medicinal Marijuana, but not to dispense. There has been no building permit/zoning approval issued for the facility, but since the Federal Government is still considering legislation around the production and sale of medical marijuana, it is also not captured in any zoning bylaws.
Until the Blair Report is finalized, unauthorized dispensaries are trafficking in a controlled substance contrary to the CDSA Act, and could face criminal charges or be searched via a search warrant pursuant to Section 11 of the CDSA Act.
Complaints will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, and we are presently in consultation with our law enforcement partners to discuss next steps.