Update: 'Stop! You got caught doing something Right'

Beginning Monday, November 28th, 2016, the Fredericton Police Force, in partnership with Fredericton’s Papa John's Pizza Restaurant, started giving away 500 free 10’’ pizza vouchers to members of  the public. The slogan the FPF will use to launch this campaign is, 'Stop! You got caught doing something Right '

This initiative will run throughout the holiday season ending January 3rd, 2017.  When a coupon recipient in the community is identified, a special code will be used for “Positive Police Contact” will capture the status for each occurance.  Papa John’s Pizza Restaurant will be tracking the coupon with the code that is on the coupon and save it with the customer’s name. 

The campaign “Stop! You got caught doing something right!” is designed for police officers to identify and acknowledge a member of the public for adhering to the law. 

Officers will not be conducting arbitrary motor vehicle stops just for the purpose of giving a coupon. Arbitrary stops may cause unnecessary stress for drivers so we will be mindful of when, where and how these coupons are being given.

Some such examples include:

  • Giving a coupon at a roadblock for sober driving
  • A pedestrian waiting for a walk light at a crosswalk
  • Pulled over on the side of the roadway to utilize a cell phone.