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Police service dog Endzo retires

After a commendable five-year career with the Fredericton Police Force, police service dog Endzo will retire on July 31, 2019.

Endzo was born on November 27, 2012 at the RCMP Police Dog Service Training Centre in Innisfail, Alberta to mother Cara and father Tug, also a police dog. Four of Endzo’s brothers also joined policing. All puppies born in 2012 received names starting with the letter “E”.

Endzo and his handler, Cst. Alli Yerxa, graduated from the Training Centre in Innisfail in September 2014, and then got to work right away in Fredericton.

Endzo now weighs over 90 pounds, and has trained hard over the last five years to become an integral part of the department. He loves coming to work, and has successfully tracked missing people and suspects, articles and evidence, and has been very helpful in locating guns and drugs during investigations. Endzo is also trained in fentanyl detection. While he is a working dog, he loves coming to the police station to visit and participating in community events and presentations.

“Endzo has been a valuable part of our department, and we will miss his energy and work ethic. He has made a huge difference in a number of investigations and we are so appreciative of him and his partner Cst. Yerxa,” says Insp. Kim Quartermain, Officer in Charge of the Primary Response Team.

The Fredericton Police Force has had a police service dog team since 1978, some of whom include Shep & Cst. Dow Phillips (1978-79), Danko & Sgt. Max Roy  (1979-82), Sam (1990-92) and Max (1992-98) were both partnered with Cst. John Lally, Gerry (1996-2001) & Cst. Sue Evans, Taz (1996-2001) & Cst. Edgar Hennessey, and Bear (2003-2009) and Astra (2009-2014), who were both partnered with Cst. Scott Dixon. Dogs Billy and Kori were both partnered with Cpl. Gerard LeBlanc.

Endzo will retire into private life. Cst. Yerxa will be training Fredericton Police’s next police service dog who will be introduced publically in the coming months.

While we are unable to accept any gifts for Endzo, well wishes can be left on social media pages, or via email at

Cst. Alli Yerxa has thoroughly enjoyed her time as Endzo’s handler, saying “I will definitely miss working with Endzo every day, and having him by my side. He has been a great partner and loves to work. I am sure he will love retirement, with lots of time to play, and to be shown the affection he has earned. I look forward to getting to work with my next dog.”