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Special Teams/Units

Under the umbrella of the Operational Support, there are several Special Teams or Units, which provide specialty functions on a part-time basis in addition to their regular duties.


  Underwater Recovery Team


URT Members


The Fredericton Police Force Underwater Recovery Team (URT) was established in 1988 as the result of increasing demands for underwater investigations. The team responds to boating accidents, suicides, property recovery, underwater forensics requirements and vehicle recoveries, to name a few.

 Training requirements for URT members exceed the National Safety requirements and FPF members complete many of these courses on a voluntary basis before being considered for the team. Courses include advanced diving, under-ice search and recovery, night certification, dive master, oxygen administration, underwater photography, etc.

The Fredericton Police Force URT is fully certified and equipped to respond to any situation. Team members are issued dry suits and Aga masks which facilitate the prevention of personal contamination and provide underwater communication.

Due to the currents of the St. John River, the underwater sled is of particular importance to the team both in its search capability and in diminishing fatigue of the searching divers.

 Marine Unit

Joint Public Safety Marine Unit


The City of Fredericton is situated along the Saint John River Valley. There has always been a need for emergency response on the waterway because this mighty river runs through the middle of our populace. As a result, the  Fredericton Police Force and the Fredericton Fire  Department created a Joint Public Safety Marine Unit.

Marine UnitThe primary responsibility of the Joint Public Safety Marine Unit is water rescue, but the mandate also includes: educating boaters on safe vessel operations and enforcement of all applicable laws.






 The Crowd Management Team

Crowd Management Team


The Fredericton Police Crowd Management Team provides specialized policing services during large-scale public gatherings. Officers are trained to defuse incidents and reduce the opportunities for injuries and damage to property.

The primary objective is to ensure a safe and successful resolution by using good communication skills and by applying                                                             proper tactical intervention when necessary.

The Crowd Management Team consists of 28 officers distributed                                                                 among two troops and a munitions team and is lead by a Team                                                                    Commander.


The Crowd Management Team



  Explosives Disposal Unit

Explosives Disposal Unit member in full gear

 The Fredericton Police Force Explosives Disposal Unit is responsible for dealing with all matters related to explosives, ammunition disposal and bomb threats situations.                   The explosive technicians have completed an intensive eight       week training program at the Canadian Police College in         Ottawa and are required to recertify every three years. The unit       also conducts training on a monthly basis. The explosive   technicians are qualified to identify, handle and dispose of commercial explosives and improvised explosive devices.                  In addition, they are qualified to operate radiographic            equipment and interpret the results.




Accident Reconstructionist Team


 Accident Reconstruction Team memberThe Fredericton Police Force presently has                                                                            three members trained in advanced methods        of accident reconstruction. 

The Accident Reconstruction Team (ART) is specially trained to reconstruct traffic accidents.  The team responds to:

  • motor vehicle accidents involving loss of life,
  • motor vehicle accidents where serious injury occurs and/or the possibility of evidence required to support prosecution is required,
  • where a cause to a motor vehicle accident cannot be determined
  • all police motor vehicle accidents involving loss of life, injury requiring an ambulance to be called, where civil liability is in question, or under any circumstances where the Shift NCO deems it advisable

  Emergency Response Team

"Unitas Mentis, Unitas Actionis" - Unity of Mind, Unity of Action

 ERT meeting


The Fredericton Police Force Emergency Response   Team is a support service to the operational sections          and units of the force. The team is comprised of 10  officers whose primary duties are in the various divisions of the force, and are trained in the use of special weapons and tactics in order to provide tactical support both in the field and in training. Team members are skilled in the application of less-than-lethal force options such as oleoresin capsicum (pepper spray), CS gas (tear gas) and impact weapons. They are also trained in the use of handguns, submachine guns,  assault rifles, and counter-sniper rifles.

The team provides tactical support in the following                                                                               circumstances:

  • Barricaded persons
  • Hostage rescue
  • Arrest of subjects believed to be armed
  • High risk warrant execution
  • Close protection duty/VIP security
  • In-service training

While being in existence within the force for well over 30 years,                                                                   the team has shown professionalism in resolving a large number                                                             of critical incidents without having to apply lethal force.

 Tactical Emergency Medical Support

In early 2008, the Fredericton Police Force introduced the Tactical Emergency Medical Support (TEMS) team.  The Team's mandate is to provide immediate medical care to other special team members during operations, as well as training sessions.

The various special teams within the Fredericton Police Force carry out the most high risk and dangerous missions in the field. Based on this reality, the risk of officer or civilian casualty is high.

TEMS medics also train alongside the special teams to enhance their understanding of team movement, weapons and tactics, and provide on-hand care to team members for injuries sustained during training sessions. TEMS members also take an active role in team training by monitoring team members' vital signs and overall health.

This is a unique team approach to delivering care to both the police and civilians under adverse circumstances.

 Tactical Emergency Medical Support

Tactical Emergency Medical Support photo


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