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Parks and Playgrounds

Photo of Odell Park Bridge


Are you hoping to spend a little time getting back to nature?  Possibly seeing some wildlife, taking some pictures or stopping to smell the flowers?   

Maybe you're looking for a quiet spot to read your favourite new book?  Or how about a walk, jog or ride along the mighty Saint John River, a hike through tree lined trails or taking the path less chosen? Why not fly a kite in the open field, take a rest on a park bench, bird watch or have a family picnic under the picnic shelter? 

Fredericton has 138 parkland locations, totalling 900+ hectares of green, treed space for public use.  Hopefully you'll get some time to visit a park location near you. 

Odell Park
The centerpiece of the City's parklands is the highly acclaimed Odell Park, renowned as one of the most beautiful parks of its kind in Canada. Among the many distinguishing features of this 400 acre park are a duck pond, arboretum and botanical garden. Encompassing 400 acres in the heart of the City, Odell Park's ambiance contributes much to Fredericton's reputation as a "last surviving hometown of America".

Here, amid woodlands and fields that once formed the estate of Reverend Jonathan Odell, people find space to play and commune with nature in all seasons of the year. The Odell family called their vast estate Rookwood, a name which today survives on the avenue leading to Odell Park's main entrance. Officially proclaimed in 1954, the park has been enhanced with lawns, duck ponds, and a multi-purpose visitors centre which the Queen Mother opened in 1967.

Killarney Lake Park

Killarney lake Park is located on more than 500 ha. of land with 4.4km of multi use trails. The park contains an open recreational area, swimming beach, playground and Killarney Lake Rotary Centennial Lodge. The park is located on the Northside of the City approximately 5km from the St. Marys St. and Maple St. intersection.  Killarney Lake Rotary Centennial Lodge

The Green
Stretching downriver from the Delta is the "Green", where you can enjoy a walk in the grassy tree-shaded area along the Saint John River to the end of Salamanca Landing. It offers a quiet place to relax or stroll. 

Carleton Park
A green space on the northside of the river; this green, known as Carleton Park, runs along the riverfront drive and mirrors the southside green from Main Street to Cliffe Street. This green has a superb view of the city, especially at sunset. Large open spaces, with a number of elm trees, provides a popular space for picnics and quiet strolls. Carleton Park is also the location for boat launching on the northside of the city.

Officers Square
Located in downtown Fredericton, on the corner of Queen and Regent Streets, is Officers Square, one of the City's most historic and scenic areas. It was the centre of military activity when Fredericton was garrisoned by the British Army from 1785 to 1869, and by the Canadian Army from 1883 to 1914.

Now, Officers Square is a pleasant park for relaxing or strolling, and is the scene of outdoor summer band concerts, outdoor theatre performances and other activities during the year.

Wilmot Park
The land across from the Old Government House on Woodstock Road is today known as Wilmot Park. It was developed for the public in 1895, but had been originally set aside as a "pleasure ground" in 1860 by the Honorable William Hunter Odell, grandson of Jonathan Odell. In 1894, Edward Wilmot purchased approximately 20 acres of the Odell estate and in 1895, presented the title deed of the land as a gift to City Council.

The park includes passive recreation areas where one can walk along the gravel paths, enjoy the beautiful elm trees and flowers, or rest in the shade of the bandstand. Recreation of a more active style is also available. Children enjoy playing on the playground equipment, in the wading pool or on the basketball courts. Adults can play tennis, lawnbowl, or enjoy a jog around and through the park.


Photo of children at Liver Street School Playground


After or even before you have had an opportunity to explore the park, how about you and the little ones stop by the playground?  There are currently 51 playgrounds equipped with a variety of different play structures to amuse you for hours. 

Facilities are inspected on a regular basis. If you have any questions or see damage please contact us.  

Northside Parkland

* playground facility

Adney Street Park*
Barton Crescent Park*
Barker Street Sports Field
Barkers Point Cenotaph Area
Boss Gibson Monument Park
Burpee Street Park
Carleton Park
Charles Avenue Park*
Cherry Avenue Park*
City Avenue Open Space
Clayton Street Park*
Cowperthwaite Street Park*
Crockett Street Park*
Dewitt Acres Park*
Downing Street Park*
Dykeman Street Park
Elliott Street Park
Evans Street Park*
Forbes Street Open Space
Gourley Park
Haines Crescent Park
Harrison Court Park
Hawkins Street Park
Henry Park*
Hillcrest Park*
Hughes Street Park*
Hyla Park
Irvine Street Park
Nashwaaksis Stream Nature Park
Kent Street Park*
Killarney Lake Park*
LaPoint Street Park
Lawson Court Park
MacPherson Street Park
Malloy Park*
Mannington Lane Park*
Marysville Cenotaph
McGregor Street Park*
McKinley Avenue Park*
McEvoy Street Park
McKnight Street Park
Melvin Street Park
Murray Avenue Park*
Nashwaaksis Commons
Neville Street Park*
Old Burying Ground
Park Street Park*
Randolph Street Park*
Riverside Park*
Riverfront North Green
Riverfront South Green
Robinson Drive Park*
Royal Road Park*
Sierra Drive Park*
Sunset Drive Park
Timber Lane Park*
Willis Street Park
York County Municipal Home Cemetery

Southside Parkland

* playground facility

Angelview Park
Ascot Drive Park
Beechwood Crescent Park*
Boyne Court Pathway
Cambridge Crescent Park*
Canterbury Drive Park
Case Street Park*
Coburn Court Park*
Coburn Drive Park
Colonial Heights Park
Dover Crescent Park*
Eagle/Birdie Park*
Gloucester Crescent Park*
Gregg Court Park
Hummingbird Street Park
Island View Park*
Kimble Drive Park*
Leeds Drive Park*
Limerick Road Park*
Lincoln Heights Park*
Lincoln Park*
Liverpool School Park*
London Court Park*
Loyalist Cemetery
Massey Street Park*
Mitchell Street Park
Odell Park*
Pederson Crescent Park
Pembroke Crescent Park
Queen Square Park*
Queen Street Cenotaph
Reading Street Park
Regent Street at Kings College
Regent Street Park*
Rosewood Estates*
Smythe Street Green
Stoneybrook Park*
Tilley Drive Park*
University Avenue Green
Wilmot Park*
Woodbridge Street Park 
A complete list of parkland locations can be found on By-law No. L-8 Schedule A.   

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