Park Plans

The consultant team is working to deliver a final draft Improvement Plan document for Odell and Killarney Lake Parks early in the new year.
The team is spending additional time with user groups and stakeholders in order to find the best solutions that all can support.

Park Planning

The City of Fredericton is currently undergoing a number of park improvement plans.  The purpose of this process is to create feasible and long term development plans for four of the City’s premier parks.  The overall objective is to improve and maximize the value and usage of these important recreational and cultural parks while being respectful of their unique and sensitive natural environments.  The plans will act as guiding documents toward developing management plans that allow for cooperative planning, design, implementation and stewardship. 

Odell Park

Odell Park is one of Fredericton’s most significant parks on Fredericton’s south side.  The park totals 135 hectares of mostly forested land, but also includes a caretakers home, Odell Lodge,  ball field, trails and parking access, picnic areas and passive parkland.  The park is host to a diverse ecosystem of flora and fauna, including one of the few remaining old growth forests in North America.  The Odell Park Improvement Plan must balance these sensitivities with public input from citizens and park users and provide recommendations on appropriate land use activities as the park and its user groups evolve. Odell Park Map (Google)

Killarney Lake Park

Killarney Lake Park is a 762 hectare park on the City’s north side and is a major recreation asset generally bordered by St Mary’s Street, Canada Street and Two Nations Crossing. The park hosts a mix of active and passive recreation activities and is one of the most heavily used parks in Fredericton due to the lake and beach, the Killarney Lake Park Rotary Centennial Lodge and an expansive four season trail system.  The Killarney Lake Park Improvement Plan will address future uses within the park, balancing the quantity of active and passive use, while considering new investments in trail infrastructure.  Killarney Lake Park Map (Google)

Carleton Park

Wilmot Park