Recreation Master Plans

Trails / Bikeways Master Plan
The development and expansion of a trails and bikeways network provides all Fredericton residents with a safer, healthier, and more environmentally-friendly alternative to driving for getting around the city.

Active Transportation Connection Plan
Presented to members of the City’s Transportation Committee, the plan is an update to the 2007 Trails/Bikeways Master Plan and will help guide the growth of cycling and pedestrian infrastructure over the next 10+ years.

Park Improvement Plans
The City of Fredericton is currently undergoing a number of park improvement plans. The purpose of this process is to create feasible and long term development plans for four of the City’s premier parks. The overall objective is to improve and maximize the value and usage of these important recreational and cultural parks while being respectful of their unique and sensitive natural environments. The plans will act as guiding documents toward developing management plans that allow for cooperative planning, design, implementation and stewardship. 

Recreation Master Plan
Recreation is important to individual and community wellness, social interaction, business stability, and community pride. The City has made a conscious decision to plan its future and manage its resources in a manner that sustains this important community service.