Sports Fields

2018 Application for playing field use- Deadline for field applications is Feb 26

Want to organize a little baseball, softball, soccer, rugby, ultimate frisbee, or football? Depending on the season, if you've got a team, there’ll be a ball or sports field for you to book. Fredericton currently has 23 ball fields, 6 multi-use sports fields, and 17 fields designated for specific sports. These fields are available for residents to book for single or weekly events.

Most fields in Fredericton are maintained 7 days a week, from Victoria Day weekend in May to the end of September. If you wish to book weekly use of a ball or sport field for the upcoming season, the application deadline is March 1st. Exceptions are given to school activities that run through the months of September and October.

Please respect all field closures due to wet field conditions—they are necessary to protect athletes from injury as well as the turf from damage. Field closures are posted by 3:00 p.m. daily on Facebook, at Fredericton Recreation, and on Twitter @CityFredRec. Note that a cancellation can occur during the evening and on weekends due to changing weather conditions.

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