Fredericton Trail Guide 2018-2019 (.pdf)

Please see the attached map of seasonal garbage can locations. Most cans will be picked up in late November. We will attempt to keep cans that do not interfere with snow removal operations and can still be serviced during the winter.

In order to enable and encourage citizens who choose active transportation and recreation, Fredericton maintains more than 115 km of non-motorized multi-use trails. This trail system is accessible to pedestrians, non-emission mobility assisted devices (i.e., motorized wheelchairs), and cyclists. Some sections of trail are paved. During the winter months these paved trails are plowed, while trails in Odell and Killarney Lake Parks are groomed for cross-country skiers, snowshoers and walkers.

The continued expansion of non-motorized multi-use trails is a priority, as identified in the Capital City Municipal Plan. In future years, the current network of trails will be expanded with the development of on-road connections as described in the Trails/Bikeways Master Plan.


  1. Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge (0.6 km)
  2. Salamanca (1.2 km)
  3. South Riverfront (3.6 km)
  4. Valley (10.2 km)
  5. Odell Park (16 km)
  6. Lincoln (8.8 km)
  7. Vanier (4.7 km)
  8. Crosstown (2.2 km)
  9. Kimble Park (2.0 km)
  10. Reading Street Park (1.1 km)
  11. North Riverfront (5.6 km)
  12. Northside (10 km)
  13. Nashwaaksis Middle School (1.8 km)
  14. Nashwaak (7.9 km)
  15. Gibson (5.3 km)
  16. Killarney Lake (4.4 km)
  17. UNB Campus / STU Campus (2.0 km)

Trail Visitor Centre

The Trail Visitor Centre, 180 Station Road, is the hub of Fredericton's extensive trail system. It’s a warm, friendly rest area with washrooms, information on the City of Fredericton's trail system, and other events throughout the area.

Trailside Adult Fitness Equipment

Due to requests from the public, the City of Fredericton installed and maintains adult fitness equipment along our Crosstown Trail, near the intersection of Beaverbrook Drive and University Avenue. This equipment is very versatile and can be used by adults with a wide variety of fitness levels. The initial site has proven to be very popular and more pieces are planned for other recreation sites in the future.