Recycling & Waste

  • COVID-19: Garbage collection continues.
  • COVID-19: Fredericton Region Solid Waste has suspended recycling starting April 6.
    • Recycle Collection & Sorting Notice: To ensure recycling staff safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, routine recycle sorting has been suspended but collection continues. Please continue to use your blue/grey boxes on designated collection days.​
      • We share your concern for the environment. Some households are able to safely store recyclables until operations return to normal. That’s ok. For those able to safely store recyclables: when regular recyclable collection and sorting resumes after COVID-19, we ask that you slowly release your materials over a number of weeks or months so the system does not get overwhelmed. Please note that it’s also ok if your household does not have space to safely store recyclables. Choose the option that is best for your household.​


Fredericton’s waste & recycling program offers options for curbside recycling and waste pickup for homes, as well as depot recycling in three convenient locations. Learn your recycling schedule here: Recycling Calendar

The City of Fredericton encourages residents to participate in backyard composting and/or vermicomposting at home. You can also learn more, or sign up for a private composting pickup service with organizations in the city.

We encourage you to take advantage of the dates for spring and fall yard waste pick-up and Christmas tree disposal dates and locations to divert even more from the landfill.

Don’t forget to drop off hazardous waste at FRSW and electronics at a Recycle NB depot.

We thank you for your cooperation and participation in our waste and recycling programs.

View the recycling & waste collection map here: Map