Parking Smart Card

The Smart Card is a $25 or $50 rechargeable parking card used to pay for parking at most parking meters in Fredericton. You can purchase a Smart Card at the City Hall Payment Centre, located at the rear of City Hall.

NOTE: a $5.00 one-time nonrefundable administration fee is applicable.

Instructions for using the Smart Card:

  1. Insert and push the card into the angled parking meter slot. Ensure that the gold chip is on the left side of the slot (face down).
  2. The parking meter will display the dollar value on the card.
  3. After a few seconds, time will be added to the parking meter in increments until the card is removed or until the meter reaches its maximum time limit.
  4. Please take note of the MAXIMUM time limit on the parking meter before inserting the card. Remove the card when the desired parking time limit is obtained or the MAXIMUM time limit is achieved at the parking meter.
  5. Each increment of time the card adds to the parking meter, the parking card will debit 0.25 cents from the dollar value previously displayed.
  6. When your card has no more money left on it, return the card to the distribution point and purchase a new card.

If your card does not work, please record the meter number (two letters on pole & number on meter head) and call Parking Services to report it. To avoid receiving a parking ticket, please make payment using coins or the HotSpot Parking mobile app. Otherwise, park at another space.