Queen Street Loading Zone Pilot

The City of Fredericton will begin a loading zone pilot project along Queen Street in April. The project will explore potential modifications to existing loading zones in the downtown, and the addition of new loading zones, to better the access to merchandise and products for downtown business, and improve predictable traffic flow and safety along the street.

The Pilot Project includes:

  • Implementation of loading zone hours limited to Monday to Friday from 6am – 5pm, that will allow loading zones to be utilized as standard parking stalls for downtown patrons in the evenings and during weekends.
  • New wording for loading zone regulations that seek to mitigate unlawful use of loading zones by commercial vehicles that are not actively loading or unloading. 
  • Introduction of Flex Loading Zones to increase loading zone supply and better enable the accommodation of larger loading vehicles during peak delivery times. These flex zones will be in effect as a loading zone from 6am – 10:30am, Monday to Friday and revert to regular parking stalls otherwise.
  • New Loading Zones Areas along Queen Street where additional loading space is not anticipated to significantly impact either traffic flow, or citizen access to downtown business.  These new loading zones will be in effect from 6am – 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Proposed Loading Zones along Queen Street include:

Regent to Carleton


Carleton to York


York to Westmorland


Westmorland to Northumberland