• The Ring Road / Two Nations Roundabout is now open. More information about this NB Department of Transportation & Infrastructure Project can be found here. Following the opening of the roundabout, changes will also be made at the Ring Road / Maple intersection to improve safety and efficiency of this intersection. Click here for more information.

Single lane roundabouts have been operating successfully in the city since 2010. Roundabouts offer many benefits over traditional signalized and stop controlled intersections. The Route 8 / Smythe Street roundabout, introduced in 2015, is the city's first multi-lane roundabout.  It is important that drivers understand how to use this intersection. Check out this brochure and remember the 5 easy rules listed below.


1. Choose your lane in advance of the roundabout;

  • Lane choice in advance of a multi-lane roundabout is no different than selecting a lane in advance of a signalized intersection.
    • If turning left, you must enter the roundabout from the left lane;
    • If turning right, you must enter the roundabout from the right lane;
    • If traveling straight, you can enter the roundabout from either lane.

2. Slow down and Yield to pedestrians

3. Yield to both lanes of traffic already in the roundabout

4. Remember you must not change lanes once you are in the roundabout

  • If you enter in the left lane, exit in the left lane; and
  • If you enter in the right lane, exit in the right lane.
  • Refer to the brochure in the Related Content to see how to move turn by turn through the roundabout.

5. Give Trucks Plenty of Room

  • The Route 8 / Smythe Street roundabout has been designed for large trucks and buses; however, drivers of these large vehicles should:
    • Straddle the entry lanes;
    • Use both lanes within the roundabout; and
    • Don’t try and leave space for another vehicle to pass you.
  • Drivers of passenger vehicles should never try and pass a large truck when approaching a roundabout or within a roundabout. Give Trucks Plenty of Room!
  • Read the brochure in the Related Content to see how large trucks and buses should move through the roundabout.

Check out additional information on Roundabouts FAQS, Roundabout signage, and other Roundabout safety tips.

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