Fredericton / Smart city

Prototypes and Pilots

Over six months, we tested out the ideas and concepts in our Smart Cities Challenge proposal, uncovered insights some of the segments and accelerated the development of key prototypes of solutions for them.

See videos and summaries of some of the work below as well as links to prototypes developed.

Ethnography with Older Adults

Ethnography involves having long one-on-one conversations and interactions with people to understand their day-to-day experiences. This is an approach we propose to engage residents in our Smart Cities Challenge proposal, helping uncover what’s important to and what barriers/challenges prevent them from having a great day in the community. We piloted this approach with older adults. 

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Doorable (by Appdigenous)

Doorable, developed by early-stage startup Appdigenous, is an Internet of Things solution that will help reduce this barrier by wirelessly opening doors through a smartphone/tablet app. The hardware is currently being piloted at City Hall, Fredericton Public Library, Research and Productivity Council, Brookside Mall, Grant Harvey Centre and Willie O'Ree Centre. You can download the app now in the Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

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LiveKool Check-In App (for older adults)


A prototype app developed by Mav Synergetic based on insights gained during the ethnography exercise with older adults. Current prototype will allow people to play a game and donate coins to help their favourite non-profit organization win $500. Future development will allow players to use the game to create a "check-in" network – letting people know they are okay by playing the game by a certain time of day.

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Hullo (newcomer app)

Hullo is an app developed by SyntecX to help with the inclusion of newcomers in the community. The minimum viable product developed to test with users includes a simple sign-in/registration and steps to create a profile, a Google Map integration with language preference, and chat interface for newcomers to interact with settlement organizations/agencies (such as the Multicultural Association of Fredericton).  See the video of the user-centred design process used in building to prototype below.

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Digital Community Hub

Digital Community Hub

A prototype of several components of the hub was developed to test and showcase how it could function.

Please note: While some parts of the Hub are populated with real data and functioning, this is a prototype only. Some of the information in the dashboard feature is simply part of the mock-up for illustration purposes. The Citizen Reporter feature is for demonstration purposes only. Information and data pulled in to the Hub was brought in with a focus on older adults, people with accessibility challenges, and people experiencing homelessness.