There will be no transit service on Canada Day, July 1, 2017.


Fredericton Transit wishes to announce that the 7:45pm 11S Prospect run out of Kings Place will be removed as of Monday, June 26, 2017.  

Fredericton Transit apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.   

Notice of Construction

Greenwood Drive Road Close

*Fredericton Transit will only be able to service as far as Carman Avenue.  The 14N Barkers Point will use Carman, Colwell, Sumac and to the end of the line.  Passengers who live on Greenwood Drive pass Carman Avenue will be provided taxi service by the City.  They will need to purchase a monthly pass and then call Transit (460-2210), will arrange for a taxi to get them downtown to Kings Place.

Hawkins Street Closure

*Full closure of Hawkins Street from Wilcox to Edgewood Drive including Ebony Drive from Hawkins Street to approximately #28 Ebony Drive.  This project will impact transit services and bus stops along Hawkins Street will be closed for the duration of the project. 

Sunset Drive Closure

*Fredericton Transit will only be able to services as far as Jewett Street.  The 10N will detour Royal Rd, Ring Rd., Sunset Dr., Jewett St., Ferris St., and to the end of the line. Passengers below Jewett will need to catch the bus at Jewett. The 11S will do the same in reverse.

Brookside Drive Closure

*Fredericton Transit will only be able to services as far as Burns Street.

Waterloo Row

*This project will cause major traffic disruption as Waterloo Row will be closed to through traffic from Dunns Crossing Road to the intersection of Waterloo Row and Forest Hill Road.  During the Closure, traffic will be re-routed via Wilsey Road, Kimble Drive, and Forest Hill Road.

Phyllis Creek-Woodstock Rd Culvert

*This project will cause major traffic disruption as Woodstock Road will be fully closed from Marlborough Drive to Hanwell Road.  During the Closure, truck traffic will be re-routed via Hanwell Road and Prospect Street West.


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A hallmark of modern, forward-thinking cities is the provision of viable transportation alternatives. When residents can choose from a number of transportation options—choices beyond driving—the city becomes more vibrant, diverse, and healthy. It’s why effective, efficient, enjoyable public transit is a top priority for the City of Fredericton.

The City of Fredericton Transit Division operates 28 buses on nine routes, running Monday to Saturday, from 6:15 am until 11:00 pm (except on Holidays). The focus of Fredericton’s transit service is safe, reliable, and convenient transit for all residents.

In addition to standard route service, the Transit Division operates chartered busing to various school, tour, and conference groups in and around Fredericton, and a parallel service, Para Transit, for persons with mobility challenges.