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Regent Street Construction Project

Regent Prospect Construction MapThree construction projects that significantly impact traffic are now taking place along the uptown portion of Regent Street. These projects will continue through August 31, 2016. Motorists are asked to be patient as traffic delays are to be expected, especially in the city’s uptown area. Please review the details below and in the related content for information about the project and ways motorists can help reduce delays.

When completed, these construction projects will help improve traffic flow in the area. By completing the work at the same time, the impact on motorists and businesses in the area will be limited to one construction season; overall construction costs will be reduced; and ultimately, traffic flow will be improved.

  • The Regent Street underpass (just south of the Regent/Prospect intersection) will be completely removed and replaced, diverting all north/south traffic to other routes.  A temporary pedestrian structure will be built so people can still walk over Route 8 during construction.  This project is being undertaken by the Province of New Brunswick Department of Transportation and Infrastructure. (Preparation work will begin in mid-March.) 
  • The section of Regent Street from the underpass to Wayne Squibb Blvd. will be repaved. 
  • The City of Fredericton will carry out upgrades to the Regent Street and Prospect Street intersection, as well as the section of Regent Street north from the intersection to Priestman Street.  East/west traffic will continue to flow through the intersection, as will traffic up the hill to the intersection.  Traffic delays can be expected.
  • Access to all area businesses will be maintained during construction.
  • Transit to the area will be impacted.  Modified routes will be announced at a later date.

The Regent/Prospect intersection is Fredericton’s busiest intersection with about 47,000 vehicles crossing through it each day.  As a result, these projects will have a very big effect on uptown traffic.  Lengthy traffic delays could occur if motorists do not change their habits. Options include:

  • combining trips to and through the uptown area
  • using alternate routes
  • car pooling
  • using alternative transportation (transit, walking, biking)
  • working flex-time
  • taking vacations

It’s recommended that motorists plan their route uptown ahead of time and allow extra time for travel regardless of which route they choose. Over the coming weeks, meetings will be held for the public and with the businesses in area to discuss the project further. 

Watch for more details over the coming weeks.

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