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Below you will find text explaining the proposed changes. In addition, you will also find a PowerPoint presentation and maps related to the changes under Related Content. 

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Overview: Transit Changes 2014

Changes are being proposed for Fredericton’s transit system that will see increased transit frequency in the heaviest populated areas of the city, with no new resources being needed to deliver the service.

The changes mean a new philosophy for the City’s transit system. It is a move from driving past as many houses as possible to picking up as many passengers as possible.

The proposed changes include:

  • Hourly service on all routes, with half hour services in the morning and late afternoon peak times, Monday to Friday. There will be a continuation of the current Saturday service.
  • There will no longer be a gap in service from 6:45 pm to 8:45 pm on any route.
  • Currently all six transit runs end service at 11:30 pm. The planned changes will have four transit runs stopping at 10:15 pm, with the other two runs stopping at 11:00 pm and 11:15 pm. Half hour service will remain in place on two major routes right up until 10:45 pm.
  • A new route numbering system will be introduced to clearly identify north and southbound transit buses: even numbers for northbound and odd numbers for southbound buses.
  • Service will be reduced or eliminated to the outer edges of the City of Fredericton for the sections of routes with the lowest ridership. This includes the entire run to Silverwood and Lincoln, as well as the end of the run to Lower St. Mary’s.

It is estimated that the new transit schedule will result in there being a bus stop within 500m of 98% of the City’s homes. The changes should result in improved transit service to the core of the City, better service for those who find the system sporadic, and a service focused on those who are more likely to use transit.

City staff have been working on this since the start of the year. The review team included staff from transit, Engineering & Operations and planning. They reviewed complaints, examined current transit routes, looked at ridership numbers, and considered current and future growth patterns of the City before mapping out new routes.

No new resources will be needed to deliver this service. A 40% cost recovery ratio is still the target for Fredericton’s transit system, which is in keeping with the national average for Canadian cities of the same size.

For 2014, the operating budget for Fredericton Transit is $3,805,521, with revenue projections of $1,729,000. The City of Fredericton’s 2013 Citizen Attitude Survey indicated that 98% of city residents feel it is very important (90%) or somewhat important (8%) for the City of Fredericton to have a public transit system.

If implemented, a monitoring program will be put in place to ensure the routing changes are optimal, given the resources. This will include collecting and analyzing passenger data, and making adjustments as necessary.

As noted in the promotion for the open house sessions, the changes are meant to address common complaints expressed over the years about transit, including:

  • A need for improve frequency
  • Need for transit service in growing areas of the city
  • Lots of empty buses travelling around certain routes and at certain times of the day
  • Length of time it can take to get to some locations

The new transit schedule also reflects the following:

  • Fredericton’s transit system has not changed significantly for the last two decades
  • The city’s urban core, on both the south and north sides of the St. John River, is much denser than it was 20 years ago
  • Slight adjustments to the system and the City’s transit philosophy will not address the common complaints
  • Municipal resources continue to be limited

The new system will allow people to make an informed decision about where they live based on transit availability, creates an opportunity to “up zone” certain areas for higher frequency transit service, and may eventually lead to the possibility of providing Sunday service in a smaller geographic area of the city.

Formalized Park & Ride locations, where commuters can leave their cars and hop on the bus, will be considered in the future if it appears that a demand exists.

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