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Active Transportation

What is Active Transportation?

Active Transportation is normally defined as any form of self-propelled (non-motorized) transportation that relies on the use of human energy such as walking, skiing, cycling, inline skating, jogging and mobility challenged users of non emissions, mobility assisted devices such as motorized wheel chairs and scooters . These modes can utilize on-road and off-road facilities (sidewalks, bike lanes, multiuse trails) and may also be combined with public transit, especially for trips to and from work, shopping and entertainment areas, school and other community facilities like recreation centres.

Different types of Active Transportation.Photo of Active Transportation

  1. Active Commuting which involves journeys to and from work.
  2. Active Workplace Travel which includes trips during work hours such as the delivery of materials or attending meetings.
  3. Active Destination Oriented Trips which includes trips to and from school, shops, visiting friends and running errands.
  4. Active Recreation which involves the use of an Active Transportation mode for fitness or recreational pursuits, such as hiking or cycling.

Trail Visitor Centre

The Trail Visitor Centre is the hub of Fredericton's extensive trail system. The Trail Visitor Centre is a warm friendly rest area with washrooms, information on the City of Fredericton's trail system and other events throughout the area.

Bike Racks

The City of Fredericton is constantly adding new bike racks to public facilities. Information and assistance on the proper selection and location of bike racks is provided through the Active Transportation Coordinator. For further information please do not hesitate to contact the Active Transportation Coordinator via email.

Photo of Bike Rack

Active Transportation History Link to Active Transportation Brochure

In 2005 a group consisting of City of Fredericton staff and non-staff attended a 2 day seminar hosted by Go for Green. The purpose of the seminar was to gain an understanding of Active Transportation in Fredericton and to identify the focus and vision for moving forward with Active Transportation in Fredericton.

From this seminar the active transportation committee was formed to serve a one-year term starting in January 2006. In late 2006, SGE Acres (a member of the Hatch group) was retained to develop a Trails and Bikeways Master Plan for the City of Fredericton and a second one year term for the Active transportation Committee was approved by council in January 2007. The mandate of the Active transportation Committee was three-fold: to identify safety concerns related to active transportation, to recommend a public education and promotional program for active transportation, and to act as an advisory committee for the City of Fredericton's Trails and Bikeways  Master Plan process.  The Committee met monthly for two years and was attended by over 40 interested citizens, professionals, and City employees. This committee finished it's work at the end of 2007 and a Staff Steering committee was struck to oversee the implementation of the Trails and Bikeways Master Plan.

In late June 2007, an open House was held at the Willie O'Ree Place to give citizens an opportunity to provide input for the Trails and Bikeways Master Plan.

On October 15, 2007, Council approved the final draft of the Trails and Bikeways Master Plan and implementation of the master plan began in early 2008.

Information and Feedback

The City of Fredericton is constantly seeking the input and feedback from the public. If you would like to send a comment or suggestion to the Active Transportation Coordinator you may do so via email or you can leave a comment in the guestbook at the Trail Visitor Centre.

The Fixit

The FixItThe City of Fredericton has installed two bicycle repair stations along its trail network.  The first is located on the south side waterfront trail adjacent to the Lighthouse, while the second can be found on the north side by the trail visitor centre.

The stations, called The Fixit, have all the tools necessary to perform basic bike repairs and maintenance, from changing a flat tire to adjusting brakes and derailleurs. The tools and air pump are securely attached to the stand with stainless steel cables and tamper-proof fasteners. Hanging the bike from the hanger arms allows the pedals and wheels to spin freely while making adjustments.

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