Water & Sewer

Welcome to 2018. The staff at Fredericton's Water & Sewer Utility look forward to keeping your water safe and providing quality wastewater treatment for another year.  Here’s how we’re keeping your water safe in winter: 

The Water & Sewer Division of the City of Fredericton is responsible for the administration and operation of the city's water and sewer system. Services provided by the division include supply and distribution of potable water, maintenance of hydrants to accommodate fire protection, and sewage collection. The division is headquartered at St. Mary's Street Depot.

Summer Construction

The Pollution Control Division operates the sewage pumping stations in the sewer collection system in addition to the wastewater treatment facilities. The Division is headquartered out of the Barkers Point Wastewater Treatment Facility located on Barker Street on the City’s north side.