Water & Sewer

The staff at Fredericton's Water & Sewer Utility look forward to keeping your water safe and providing quality wastewater treatment for another year.  Here’s how we’re keeping your water safe in winter:

Keeping Hydrants Clear of Snow

There are 2,159 fire hydrants scattered throughout Fredericton. Utility staff work hard to keep the hydrants clear of snow during the winter, but during stormy weeks, it can be difficult. Can you help?

If you are able, could you shovel a path to the hydrant closest to your home? And when you are clearing your driveway, please don’t block the hydrant or pile snow around it. You’ll be improving the safety of your neighborhood.

About Fredericton’s Water & Sewer Utility

As per provincial legislation, Fredericton’s water and sewer utility is self-funded, deriving all its revenue from rates charged and government infrastructure grants. It is separate from the City of Fredericton’s general fund budget and property tax system.

The utility provides water and sewer services to well over 95% of households and businesses within Fredericton, carrying out various maintenance and renewal efforts to keep the system operating smoothly. The utility is currently focused on replacing aging pipes within the system.

Budget 2019

As part of the 2019 budget process, Fredericton City Council approved a Water and Sewer Utility Operating Budget of $20.7 million. The Water and Sewer Utility will invest $10.5 million infrastructure and continue its focus on replacing aging pipes within the system.

As part of effort to support the much-needed reinvestment in replacing old infrastructure to keep our water safe and clean, the combined water & sewer rate increases slightly from $1.78/m³ to $1.82/m³ and the quarterly service charge rise from $107.98 to $113.90.