Water Utility

It’s all too easy to take fresh, clean water for granted. But getting water to the homes and businesses of Frederictonians is a complicated endeavour.

Frederictonians rely on groundwater sourced from an aquifer located under its downtown area. This naturally filtered water is removed from the aquifer, by eleven large wells, located in the Wilmot Park and Queen’s Square wellfield. The removed water is naturally recharged by the Saint John River and by rainwater.

The water is treated to remove manganese before being distributed to over 98 percent of the city's population. To enhance and protect the quality of the water, the city incorporates a number of measures, including: breakpoint chlorination; strict operation, maintenance, repair, and construction procedures and controls; a back-flow prevention program; plumbing permitting and inspection; customer inquiries investigation; and a thorough quality monitoring program.

Water Metering

Water meters—which measure water usage—are placed just inside the exterior wall of all homes and businesses in Fredericton. Make sure your water meter is accessible in case it requires service, and that renovations never cover it without leaving access. Next to your meter is your main water valve, which you may need in a hurry should a leak develop in your plumbing. Exercising this valve from time to time will help ensure that it can be easily operated should a problem develop with interior plumbing.

The utility is investigating various types of remote and automatic reading technology for safe and convenient service, and will update residents as such decisions are made.

Property owners are billed quarterly for water services. The quarterly service charge is $53.99 each for both water and sewer, for a total quarterly charge of $107.98. The Water & Sewer usage rate is $0.89/m³ for both water and sewer, for a total of $1.78/m³.

Water Treatment Plant

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