Climate Change Adaptation

The City of Fredericton is already feeling the impact of climate change. Major flooding, storms, and heat waves that were once considered hundred-year events are becoming increasingly common. It is essential that we come together as a community to prepare for the potential disruptions in service, damage to private and public property, and public emergencies that climate change could bring. 

Climate Change Adaptation Plan

The City of Fredericton’s Climate Change Adaptation Plan will guide our community into the challenging decades to come, identifying the most likely risks we will face and outlining strategies to prevent or diminish them. A wide range of strategies are proposed, including raising roads, upgrading our storm sewer system, protecting our urban forests and greenspaces from pests and disease, crafting by-laws, and preparing residents for future extreme weather events.

Climate Change Mitigation Versus Adaptation

A strong response to climate change requires both mitigation and adaptation. Mitigation limits the effects of climate change by reducing the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, preventing or delaying future changes to the climate. Adaptation manages the unavoidable consequences of climate change, diminishing their impact on our homes, workplaces and natural spaces.

For more information on the City of Fredericton’s climate change mitigation efforts, visit the Energy and Emissions page.