Urban Forests and Greenspaces

Changes in temperature, unpredictable rain and snow, extreme storms, and the spread of invasive species like the Emerald ash borer threaten the health of Fredericton’s urban forests and greenspaces. The City of Fredericton is committed to protecting these treasured and iconic places, ensuring that future generations can take advantage of their many physical, mental, and environmental benefits.

What is the city doing?

Urban Forests

The City of Fredericton’s Parks and Trees Division is engaged in several key ongoing initiatives to preserve our urban forests, including:

  • Planting new trees, including species better adapted to our future climate
  • Treating and removing trees afflicted by the Emerald ash borer and Dutch elm disease
  • Partnering with community groups on large scale tree planting efforts
  • Reducing lawn mowing and restoring key areas to their natural state to strengthen pollinator populations


The City of Fredericton is undertaking several key measures to conserve and grow our community’s greenspaces, including:

  • Enforcing the Municipal Plan’s zoning requirements 
  • Acquiring and conserving floodplain and water-side properties
  • Developing an inventory of natural assets, including wetlands, forests, parks, and water-side areas to ensure they continue to provide their many environmental benefits to the city and its residents

Tracking our progress

Interested in knowing what actions the City of Fredericton is taking to meet its climate goals? The Environmental Dashboard is where you can learn more about our climate initiatives, track our progress, and find out how you can help. The information on the dashboard is updated annually and will grow when new initiatives are undertaken. 

View the Environmental Dashboard

What can you do?