Water Conservation and Heat Adaptation

As the City of Fredericton’s population grows, so will the demand for fresh, potable water. We must protect the future sustainability of our freshwater reserves, reducing our consumption and strengthening the built and natural infrastructure needed to withstand the rising temperatures and unpredictable snow and rainfall brought about by climate change.

What is the city doing?

  • Encouraging residents and businesses to conserve water through educational campaigns
  • Proactively replacing water pipes to reduce breaks and leaks
  • Creating a plan for mandatory restrictions in the event of a water shortage
  • Planting more trees
  • Offering free access to outdoor aquatic facilities
  • Researching road and building materials that can withstand extreme heat
  • Providing bulk water and charging stations to those living outside of the City during extreme weather events
  • Ensuring gear, uniforms, and equipment keep staff comfortable and safe in extreme heat 
  • Incorporating natural and constructed shade and/or cooling structures into public infrastructure and public spaces 

Tracking our progress

Interested in knowing what actions the City of Fredericton is taking to meet its climate goals? The Environmental Dashboard is where you can learn more about our climate initiatives, track our progress, and find out how you can help. The information on the dashboard is updated annually and will grow when new initiatives are undertaken. 

View the Environmental Dashboard