Energy and Emissions Plan

As part of its climate change action, the City of Fredericton is committed to reducing the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of its operations and those of the community at large. The City aims to reduce emissions to 50% below 2004 levels by 2030 and attain net-zero emissions by 2050. 

Achieving net zero means reducing GHG emissions as much as possible and balancing the remaining emissions with carbon capture and storage.

This effort is guided by the Community Energy and Emissions Plan (PDF) and the Corporate Energy and Emissions Plan (PDF). Each outlines key initiatives the City is taking to reduce the amount of electricity and natural gas we use in our homes and workplaces, the fuel in our cars, and the waste from the products we buy. The actions proposed by these plans include educational campaigns and increased regulations and standards. 

Where are we now? 

With the help of data provided by NB Power, Liberty Utilities, Fredericton Region Solid Waste and Statistics Canada, the City measures the energy use and emissions from all residential, commercial and institutional sources to track its progress and offer solutions on how to reduce them. City operations are tracked in greater detail, including metrics on municipal buildings, vehicles, and the pumping and treatment of water and wastewater. 

Tracking our progress

Interested in knowing what actions the City of Fredericton is taking to meet its climate goals? The Environmental Dashboard is where you can learn more about our climate initiatives, track our progress, and find out how you can help. The information on the dashboard is updated annually and will grow when new initiatives are undertaken. 

View the Environmental Dashboard