Sustainable Transportation

The City of Fredericton recognizes the importance of improving its walking, cycling, and transit networks to encourage residents to leave the car at home and choose a safe, active, and low carbon commute instead.  

What is the city doing?

Guided by the Active Transportation Connection Plan (PDF), the Transit Strategic Plan (PDF), and the forthcoming Electric Vehicle Strategy, the City is investing in a variety of sustainable transportation initiatives, including:

  • Building new trails, sidewalks, and bike lanes
  • Developing by-laws to support safe use of our multi-use trails by all users
  • Improving transit service with new technology
  • Installing electric vehicle chargers on City-owned property
  • Upgrading transportation infrastructure (e.g., roundabouts at key intersections) and equipment (e.g., smart traffic signals) to reduce congestion and travel times
  • Promoting our multi-use trail network to residents and visitors


Electric Vehicles

Switching from a gas car to an electric vehicle (EV) is one of the most effective ways to reduce your carbon footprint. While the environmental benefits are obvious, EVs are also cheaper to maintain, cheaper to operate, and have better performance than most gas cars. As part of the forthcoming Electric Vehicle Strategy, the City of Fredericton is installing charging stations on City-owned property to promote the widespread adoption of EVs.

For more information about the City’s charging stations and where to find them, visit Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.


Tracking our progress

Interested in knowing what actions the City of Fredericton is taking to meet its climate goals? The Environmental Dashboard is where you can learn more about our climate initiatives, track our progress, and find out how you can help. The information on the dashboard is updated annually and will grow when new initiatives are undertaken. 

View the Environmental Dashboard