Development & Zoning

The City of Fredericton carefully considers every development proposal to ensure it meets the needs and aspirations of its citizens now and into the future.

Community Planning

The Community Planning Division works closely with developers and citizens to ensure development proposals align with the Municipal Plan and all supporting secondary plans. Planners advise and guide applicants through the development application process for Municipal Plan AmendmentsVariancesSubdivisionsRezoning and Zoning Amendments.

For more information, visit the Development Applications page.

Building Inspections

The Building Inspections Division ensures that all developments, big and small, are conducted safely and abide by all federal, provincial and municipal rules and regulations. They issue building permits; perform site inspections; enforce city bylaws and the building code; and help citizens and developers interpret the laws, codes and other standards that may impact the construction or modification of a building.

For more information, visit the Building Inspections page.


The Heritage Planning & Conservation Service protects the architectural heritage of the City of Fredericton by registering historic places; designating heritage preservation areas; assessing proposed alterations to heritage buildings; and planning and proposing municipal by-laws to safeguard our shared cultural treasures.

For more information, visit the Heritage page.