Development Applications

The Community Planning Division helps developers and citizens craft development applications for the following:

Applications are presented to City Council and/or the Planning Advisory Committee and must comply with the Municipal Plan, the Zoning By-Law and any other applicable by-laws.

What happens at Planning Advisory Committee meetings?

The Planning Advisory Committee reviews and makes recommendations to City Council on Municipal Plan Amendments, Rezoning, Zone Amendments, Subdivisions and the majority of significant Variances.

Visit the Planning Advisory Committee page for the up to date information on upcoming virtual meetings, past meeting minutes and a map of current cases for review.

How do I prepare a development application?

Read the Development Application Checklist (PDF) for a brief description of what a typical development application requires or contact the Community Planning Division for a more comprehensive description of the application process and requirements.

How much does an application cost?

Municipal Plan Amendments


Rezoning/Zoning Amendments



1 new lot ($100)

2 new lots ($200)

3+ new lots ($250 + $25 per additional lot)

Re-approval ($100)



Please refer to the Fee Schedule (PDF) for a complete list of application fees.

How long does the application process take?

Applications approved by City Council (Municipal Plan Amendments, Rezoning/Zone Amendments, Subdivisions) take approximately 2 - 4 months after submitting a complete application, depending on agenda availability.

Applications approved by the Planning Advisory Committee (Variances) take approximately 1 month after submitting a complete application, depending on agenda availability.

Who approves the application?

  • Municipal Plan Amendments (PAC recommendation, Council approval)
  • Rezoning/Zoning Amendments (PAC recommendation, Council approval)
  • Subdivisions (PAC recommendation, Council approval)
  • Variances (PAC approval, Development Officer approval in certain circumstances)

How do I get a Sign or Sidewalk Cafe permit?

Visit the Permits & Licenses page for application information.