If a proposed development does not comply with the standards of the Zoning By-law, developers can request a Variance to seek relief from the zone standards.

What is the difference between a Variance and a Zoning Amendment?

Variance is an exception to the Standards outlined in the Zoning By-law (ex: A 2m frontage Variance to allow for 16m of frontage in Residential Zone Two (R-2)).

A Zone Amendment is an exception to the use of the land outlined in the Zoning By-law (ex: Amend Residential Zone Two (R-2) to allow for a duplex).

How do I get a Variance?

Contact the Community Planning Division to request a Variance. The Planning Advisory Committee, and in certain situations the Development Officer, will review and grant the Variance if it supports the general intent of the Zoning By-law and all other applicable plans.