Zoning & Land Use


The City of Fredericton encourages development that aligns with its vision for the future by dividing the city into zones that regulate how land can be used and what buildings can occupy it. Each zone has its own standards and regulations outlined in the Zoning By-law.

Note: The Zoning By-Law and Zoning Maps are amended on a regular basis and all zoning information MUST be verified by the Community Planning Division.

Which zone applies to my property?

Click on a property or enter an address in the map below to see which zone applies to it. Click ‘More info’ for a detailed description of the zone.

Land Use Regulations

The Zoning By-law outlines regulations and standards for many specific land uses. The following is a list of commonly referenced regulations:

  • Projections into Yards (Steps, Decks, Balconies) - Section 4.2(1)

  • Accessory Buildings (Garages, Sheds) - Section 4.2(3)

  • Swimming Pools - Section 4.2(4)

  • Garbage Containers - Section 4.2(5) 

  • Home Occupations (Home Business) - Section 7.3(1)

  • Child Care Centres (Small, Medium, Large) - Section 7.3(2), 7.3(3), 10.3(3)

  • Group Homes (Care Homes) - Section 7.3(4)

  • Tourist Homes (Travel Accommodations) - Section 7.3(5)

  • In-Law Suites (Attached Secondary Units) - Section 7.3(6)

  • Garden Suites (Detached Secondary Units) - Section 7.3(7)

  • Basement Apartments - Section 7.3(8)

  • Keeping of Hens - Section 7.3(9)

  • Drinking Establishments - Section 10.3(1)

  • Temporary Vending Facilities (Food Trucks) - Section 10.3(2)

  • Cannabis (Retail, Production) - Section 10.3(4), 13.3(1)