Plumbing Permits

Plumbing permits are required prior to adding or modifying plumbing lines in a new or existing building to ensure that all installations meet the National Plumbing Code and all other municipal and provincial standards. Only plumbing contractors with a valid New Brunswick Plumbing Contractor’s license can obtain a plumbing permit.

How can I get a permit?

Visit or contact the Customer Service Centre on the ground floor of City Hall (506-460-2020) or apply online through Access Fredericton.

How much does the permit cost?

Plumbing Permit

$50* + $20 per fixture + $30 per roof drain

Backflow Permit

$50* + $20 per backflow preventer device

*includes permit application and inspections

How are plumbing permits approved?

Plumbing Permit applications are reviewed and approved by the Plumbing Inspector.

How does the inspection process work?

Inspections are performed at crucial points of the construction process to verify that the work conforms to the approved plans and the National Plumbing Code. Any deficiencies are noted, and rectification and re-inspection is required before construction can continue.

How is a permit closed?

All Plumbing Permits require a final inspection once construction is complete. If the inspection results in no outstanding issues, the file on the permit is closed.

Can I track the status of my plumbing permit and inspection?

If the permit application was submitted using Access Fredericton, plumbers can track their applications, the status of inspections and the history of past applications through the online portal.