Taxi Drivers License

  1. To qualify for a City of Fredericton Taxi License:

    • Be at least 19 years of age.

    • Possess a valid Class 4 N.B. Drivers License. (Class 1 or 2 licenses also qualify)

  2. If you need to upgrade to a Class 4 N.B. Drivers License:

    • Go to Service New Brunswick (SNB) and acquire a medical form.

    • Call your doctor and arrange for a medical exam.

    • Return to SNB with signed medical form, arrange for a written license test, eye examination and a driving test using a Taxicab Rental.

  3. Start the “Application for Taxi Drivers License” at SNB:

    • Go in person to SNB reception for an “Application for Taxi Drivers License”.

    • Fill out all forms included in the application.

    • Go to SNB’s payment counter and submit your Application with two ID’s:

      • One valid N.B. Drivers License with photo and signature

      • One other such valid ID such as Passport, Government ID, Birth Certificate (Social Insurance Cards are not accepted)

    • Do not give your current Taxi License to SNB.

  4. Proceed in person to Harvey Studios: 
    Present SNB receipts and your current Taxi Drivers License (if applicable). Harvey Studios produces and retains a new drivers license photo and returns only your receipts and current Taxi Drivers License. Bylaw Enforcement will issue Taxi License later, when processing is complete.

  5. Renewing Applicants should apply at least 3 months early: 
    Apply for an “Application for a Taxi Drivers License” 3 months prior to the expiry date of your current Taxi Drivers License to avoid delays due to Criminal Record Check processing. The new Taxi Drivers License will keep the anniversary date and expire exactly one year later.

  6. New Applicants: 
    Where the Taxi Drivers License has expired, or a person is a first time applicant, that applicant will be deemed a “New Applicant” and the new license will be dated using the purchase date on the SNB receipt. New applicants should also allow 3 months for Criminal Record Check processing.

  7. Criminal Record Checks:

    • If residing within Fredericton City limits complete the Criminal Record Check forms included in the package. (Sign and witness forms at Fredericton City Police).

    • If residing outside Fredericton City limits, report to the RCMP authority in your area for a Criminal Record Check (Vulnerable Sector Consent is required).

Taxi Drivers Licenses will be issued after the Criminal Record Checks are approved and required courses have been attended.